A Community within SCESoc that Learns by Making

We're a community that comes together to work on personal and group projects. We support, provide feedback and share knowledge between us.

Anyone can join! To join the Makers Club, type #assign MAKER in the #roles channel on SCESoc's Discord. Then you will get access to all the Makers Club channels on there.

We'll be meeting up on SCESoc's Discord every Saturday @11:00am

What is the Makers Club?

Traditionally SCESoc has hosted workshops to help members in the society learn skills outside of class. This year, we wanted to also focus on projects and build a community of makers. Projects are a great way to learn new skills and to get involved in the community. It is also very valued by companies in the industry.

This year we're trying to bring people together to help motivate each other and learn by making. SCESoc is also going to host it's own project for the year to which anyone can contribute to and learn from.

Things we do

  • Meet up weekly on Discord to share what we're working on

  • Offer feedback and support

  • Hold each other accountable

  • Share knowledge