A Community that Learns by Making

We're a community of like minded individuals who connect to work on personal and group projects. We support, provide feedback and share knowledge between each other

Anyone can join! To join the Makers Club, type #assign MAKER in the #roles channel on SCESoc's Discord. You will be able to access all the Makers Club channels available

We meet up once in a while on SCESoc's Discord to discuss what we're working on and learning.

What is the Makers Club?

Projects are a great way to expand a student's knowledge and skill related to their career and interests. Projects teaches the student to apply what they have learnt in college and identify the bottlenecks they face in their respective projects. Students get the opportunity to make mistakes without fear and learn practically. It is a different kind of learning from lectures and books, it's learning by making. Books and lectures are very important for building a foundation. Actually building things with the knowledge you have learnt from the lectures gives you a better understanding of how things come together and you will be motivated to learn more. Every company asks about the project you have done.

Makers Club offers an experience to the Carleton community that can fast-track the journey of students towards their goals and interests through various activities around 'Projects' - personal projects, side projects, group projects. A community that can inspire, support and track your goals.

Things we do