Showcase Your Project

This website is a way for you to showcase projects you work on to the Carleton Community. The goal of the Project Showcase section is to surface projects that are being worked on in the community. This is a great way to show off your work to the community and to get feedback from other makers. We hope that this website will act as a platform to discover projects, collaborate, and share experiences among the Carleton Community

Anyone in Carleton University can add projects to this website. There are 3 ways you can add a project to this website:

  1. By filling out the folowing form (Recommended if you are NOT familiar with GitHub or Markdown)
    Fill out this form.
    Makers Project Showcase Form -
  2. By adding a Markdown file on GitHub (Recommended if you are familiar with GitHub and Markdown)
    Create a pull request to add a markdown file in this directory using the following template to add information about your project. You may have to fork the repository to add the file. We will review it and merge it after making sure the format is valid.
  3. By creating a Markdown file and emailing it (Recommended if you are familiar with Markdown but not GitHub)
    Create a Markdown file using the following template and email it to

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Note: Don't worry about having the perfect information about your project right off the bat. You can always update the information at a later date.